Ka Pow!

“Always be yourself…unless you can be Batman…definitely be Batman”

A friend of mine is off for the weekend and has been making me wildly jealous by telling me of her stay in a Gin Hotel. I wasn’t so jealous when I heard she had to leave at 5am in the morning. Her early start did get us reminiscing about summer holidays as children with our parents. I had those parents that liked to make the most of the clear roads in the early hours of the morning for the long trip down to Cornwall or Devon for holidays. I can’t remember the exact time we would leave but I suspect it was around 4am in the morning when my sister and I would be woken up and directed to the back of the car in our pyjamas and with a quilt or blanket so we could snuggle up in our seats and so straight back to sleep.  By the time we would wake up we would have been almost at our destination and excited about the start of our holiday and while those early starts seemed torturous at the time it’s one of the aspects of childhood that I look back on with a strong sense of nostalgia.

One of the other things that reminds me of my childhood is ‘Saturday morning minors’, It was the ABC Cinema’s version of a creche to be honest. Parents would drop off their kids at the cinema to watch a selection of cartoons, films, and series along with games and prizes while they did the shopping in town and pick them up afterward. I can’t honestly say that Batman was one of the shows we watched but it was of the same era and I was either watching it at home or at the Saturday Morning minors. Either way it’s definitely one of my cherished childhood memories.


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