SL Calendar Girls – January 2018

Wow! Year 3 for Calendar girls and I am enjoying doing it more than ever! It gives me the opportunity to look through photos from the most talented, amazing and creative women on the grid. I am more and more inspired every month!

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2018 photographs.

With more and more items added every month my favourites list is getting longer too! Here is my selection from the amazing pictures added throughout January 2018.

245 Peaceful Time by Chichita Shilling

-245- Peaceful time

backdropcitychallenge – urban by AlienmausAllen

Wait and smoke.....

cream by angell Starflare


untitled by leaf


Women have some desires that only trust can revel by L a n a

|Women have some desires that only trust can reveal|

Feat Dead Dollz and Mina Hair by Kiana Jarman

Feat. Dead Dollz & Mina Hair

Waiting by Coqueta Georgia


Old Rose by Hara

Old rose

Sat back with the window down… by Rora Pedroia

Sat back with the window down, eighty an hour and the radio loud

Hypnotized Green by Luaflor Moo

~Hypnotized green~

Two peas on a beach by Morgan Monroe

Two Peas on a beach...💋

I can’t drown my demons…. by Sly von Schweetz

I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim : #365

And I waited… by Geena Carminucci

And I waited...

H a l o by Rhiannon Titanium

H a l o

What’s your definition of dirty baby? by Tate

[ What's your definition of dirty baby... ]

There’s a light that never goes by Vega Arida

Theres is a light that never goes

Portrait by Lofaa


Hello, it’s me by Lori Novo

Hello... it's me

Sleeping Beauty by Sadystika Sabretooth

Sleeping Beauty

844 by Tomomi alpaca Homewood


I wanna laugh at the dark like I’m not scared of nothing by Finn Lawksley

I wanna laugh at the dark like I’m not scared of nothing.

Love Melodies by Sara Meif

❣ Love Melodies! ❣

Molly by Anouk


The Secret Garden by Ric Applewhyte

The Secret Garden

untitled by Thalia Heckroth

Jeannie by Magissa Denver


Niu – Shorts – Ad Work by Kira Balestra

Niu - Sport Shorts - Ad Work

Second Life 16.01.18-2 by Angelo Diabolico

Second Life 16.01.18-2

basic bitch by Ellen

basic bitch

Shay…roses, lights and smiles by Timaaj TJ

Shay...roses, lights and smiles!

untitled by Terr Jedda


Naked by Lou Shadow


Longing for a Beach Day by Love Trill

Longing For A Beach Day!

always by you by Cataleya

. r e p l y .

resilience by Callie Hamelin


Easy by Vega Arida


Karter by A Chmela


SK8 or die by Anuska Loon

SK8 or die!

night is a time of rigor…. by Charlie Namiboo

[night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy. there are truths which one can see only when it’s dark … ♪♫]

ether by Stella Mahogany


1227 SLITGirls by Lotus M

Second Life 16.01.18 by Angelo Diabolico

Second Life 16.01.18

tell me you can’t sleep with ut me by 2am

tell me you can't sleep with out me

Amelia by susannedrechsler


Flowers by Ninna Saito


236 The spirit of the Forest is in me by Chichita Shilling

-236- The Spirit of the Forest is in me ♥

Night embrace by Jarla Capalini Sperber

Mirrored Reflections by Allie

Mirrored Reflections

Boudoir by Coqueta Georgia


Sail with me into the dark by Kira Balestra

Sail with me into the dark

Gasp by Dani Oderson


reborn by Cataleya


lil cunt by Sadystika Sabretooth

lil cunt

909 by Liah Constantine


Will be… by Ryo

Will be......

When she remembered a summer… by Kimmy Ridley

“When she remembered a summer it would be this one. When she remembered love it would be his.” - C. J. Carlyon

my sweet girl by Katjusha Klossovsky

му ѕωєєт gιяƖ

Shhh just kiss me by L a n a

|Shhh, just kiss me|

Redrum by Zuzka


On the road by EXIS

On the road

Creative Flow by Ada

Creative Flow...

Dream on by Nannja Panana

Dream on

1220 SLITGIRLS by Lotus M


Goodbye my Love by MOMO-CHAN sᴋᴀʀsɢåʀᴅ

ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ ᴍʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ...

Molly by Molly Mirassou


All that beauty by Zuzka

All that beauty


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