SL Home & Garden Calendar – June 2018

A little introduction for anyone new to this format and project: In January 2016 I started a fun Flickr group called Sl Calendar Girls. The idea behind it was that people would add their beautiful photos of women to the group over the course fo a month and at the end of each month I would choose my favourites and post them here on the blog. I had no idea it would take off to the level it did. Two and a half years later there are almost 8000 photos a month added to the SL Calendar Girls pool and it’s still growing every month.  It’s something I do that I’m very proud of as it continues to shine a light on both established and newer photographers. There are no rules for SL Calendar Girls and no criteria other than the photo just be of a female avatar. Furthermore, I am not claiming to have an expert eye…they are my favourites. The photos that ‘pop’ for me when I am looking through the group may be because of the scene, the humour, the feeling and emotion, the colour palette…it can be anything. They are literally my favourites and that is all.

How much people enjoyed the list, either because they were in it, or because it gave them a list of photographers and bloggers to follow has continually surprised and surpassed my expectations. A while ago I asked the decor and landscape photographers on my Facebook friends list if they would be interested in me doing an SL Home and Garden version of SL Calendar Girls. Here is the second month’s selection. At the end of the year I will choose one photo from each month to form a Home and Garden ‘Calendar’ of sorts. Please feel free to add your photos to the group but please read the rules first – no avies should appear in the photograph. A few links below and then on with the June selection of Sl Home & Garden Calendar:

SL Calendar Girls Flickr Group

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

May’s SL Calendar Girls Selection


English Gardens – Pt 5 by EXIS

Gallant Magazine SL - Late Spring Early Summer 2018 - English Gardens pt.5

Wonderful Life by Sorcha Tyles

A Place in Nowhere by Hans Inshan

A place in nowhere

Salt & Sea by Sienna Foxdale

Salt & Sea

Canyon Sunrise by Bob K N Lee

Canyon Sunrise

saturday, in the park by Callie Hamelin

saturday, in the park...

SWAMP 109 by Victor Miguel

SWAMP #109

Nutmeg – Kate’s Kitchen by Ni Avril

- Nutmeg- Kate's Kitchen Clutter

Rusty Tactics by EXIS

Rusty tactics

Somewhere down the line by Justine Lemton

Somewhere Down The Line

Our beach by NatG

Our beach

meals and memories are made here by Engelsstaub

meals and memories are made here

The Sweetest Tea by Wendz Tempest

Black Dunes Estate by Sorcha Tyles

Black Dunes Estate

Bend Me, Break Me, Anyway you Need me

Bend Me, Break Me, Any Way You Need Me

Like a little pice of heaven finally found by Tate

Like a little piece of heaven finally found...

Champagne wishes and BlackBerry kisses by Adalynne Romano

Champagne Wishes and BlackBerry Kisses

In the lap of luxury by Alexa Maravilla

In the lap of luxury

I think constantly of you…. by Sandryta

I think constantly of you. At night, when I go to bed, it is a real torture. I'm not going to write on this page what fills my thought, the madness of desire...

Caravan by ayessa campos miller

You’re my end and my beginning… by Guilherme Andretti

#476. You’re my end and my beginning Even when I lose I’m winning

untitled by Xana Newall

Garden Kitchen by Chloe-Dakota Amaranthine

Garden kitchen

The Family Business by Kellytopaz Firehawk

The Family Business.....

At the end of a long day by JoJo Deed

At the end of a long day

Gallant Magazine Outside In by Divos Titanium

Gallant Magazine - Outside In

Open Air by IgorAlmeida

Open air!

Nutmeg Dacha Set by Neva Crystall

Nutmeg. Dacha Set

Isle of Miracles by Azaria

***Isle of Miracles***

Michiko Landscape by Moonsoul

Michiko Landscape

I could live in hope by Kira Balestra

i could live in hope

Join us for brunch by JoJo Deed

Join us for brunch

Movies on the Beach by Victor Miguel


Happy hour by Alexa Maravilla

Happy hour

Been Dancing on my own by Justine Lemton

Been Dancing On My Own

Double Nines by Scar Requiem

Double Nines

That Place We Went Last Summer by Sienna Foxdale

That Place We Went Last Summer

quiet living by Callie Hamelin

quiet living

Gallant Magazine Outside In by Divos Titanium

Gallant Magazine - Outside In

Please stay fo ra while now…. by Guilherme Andretti

#481. Please stay for a while now  just take your time

Summer Pool Party by Blair Lockhearst

Summer Pool Party

seeing red by amelia

seeing red..

Let’s take it outside by Alexa Maravilla

Let’s take it outside.

One-Oh-Four by Scar Requiem


Untroubled by Sienna Foxdale



4 thoughts on “SL Home & Garden Calendar – June 2018

  1. Wow excellent choices and I gotta laugh totally at myself that I clearly misunderstood your Flickr group Calendar girls hehehe guess I need to explain why thought it had to represent that month like on a calendar so I never gave it much thought that my images would qualify in that group…thanks for the explanations I truly misinterpreted it ♥


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