A Moon Star is Born

The beginning of the month is always a super busy time for me in SL and RL and after I get the SL Calendar Girls and SL Home and Garden Calendar posts done it was time to turn attention to a long list of items I was ready to show you

Today I’m featuring items from two very bright and colourful events…the Crystal Heart Festival and Notice Me, Senpai. Now I’m going to be completely honest here…I know less than nothing about anime or manga and I’d never heard of Sailor Moon until the first Crystal Heart Festival. I did some reading up for it today before writing the post and still feel like I know less than nothing. But, obviously, there are a lot of fans of both in Second Life so these events and items are perfect for those.

The bed in the photo is from Astralia and comes in PG and Adult versions. The moon you can see in the background if also available at The Crystal Heart Festival and is far more than a decor item, though I think it looks great as such. It has 9 animations included and works as a pose prop perfectly!



*Astralia – Magic power bed **NEW** at The Crystal Heart

*Ariskea [Lune] Moon Props with Poses **NEW** at The Crystal Heart

CMYK// 8. Time for the moon night (modified) **NEW** at The Crystal Heart

.gypsy heart. Serena Vanity – Usagi Vanity – RARE **NEW** at The Crystal Heart

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Gold Mirror Heart **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Eyeshadow Palette  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Blush Container Open[Pink ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Makeup Blush Makeup  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Glow Cream [ Strawberry ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Glow Cream [ Lemon ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Glow Cream [ Watermelon ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Rouge a levres[ Sparkle Mauve2 ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] Rouge a levres[ Sparkle Pink ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] LIpstick [ Cherry ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

*Ariskea [TooCutie] LIpstick [ Grapes ]  **NEW** at Notice Me, Senpai

Wednesday[+] ~ Girls Wounds ~ Radioactive Clothes – COMMON **NEW** at The Crystal Heart

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