SL Calendar Girls – May 2018

It’s one of the highlights of the month to go through the Calendar girls pool for this project.  It gives me the opportunity to look through photos from the most talented, amazing and creative women on the grid. I am more and more inspired every month!

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2018 photographs.

With more and more items added every month my favourites list is getting longer too! Here is my selection from the amazing pictures added throughout May 2018.

Hannah by VeraCruza


L A D Y by Vanessa Ulderport


The Hard Life of a Blogger by Jarla Capalini Sperber

The hard life of a blogger

LOTD 7082 by Sonja Mortensen

LOTD 782

…. by Zanthie Hale

841 by Xena


Beach Picnic by нiทατα sнαdy – ɑdriɑneSilvɑɑ

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 562 Beach Picnic...

It’s all about your point of view by Timaaj TJ

It's all about your point of view..

Honey Skies by Geena Carminucci

Honey skies.

Substantial by Giselle Chauveau


Sunflowers by Kynne Llewellyn


Free Spirit by EXIS

Free spirit

Fake it til you make it by Allie

Fake it Til You Make It

A DOOR by Lori Matthews


(Now I can see clearly) by Timaaj TJ

{Now....I can see clearly}

Oupsss by LeaOh


Something Here by Qwantzy

Something Here  (N°038)

# by Meilin Somwan


Come home to me by Sorcha Tyles

~Come home to me..~

Happy Monday by Valenska Voljeti

Happy Monday

Call me Lover Girl by Tara Zsun

Sometimes you’re better lost than to be seen by Adi

↫ Sometimes you're better lost than to be seen...

120 by Yume

☾ #120

Desirious by Desire Darkrose


Sometimes the easiest thing in the world….by Kimmy Ridley

Sometimes the easiest thing in the world, sometimes the most difficult & courageous:  B R E A T H E.

Anxiety by Ruina “Sunshine Tentacles” Kessel


. by Lan


Let me take you on a trip… by Isabella Brune

* by i n e s


Scary Movie Night by Ophelia von Drack

Scary Movie Night

Uber start now by Coqueta Georgia

Uber Start Now!...

Burn by Anuska Loon


you can drink too much and forget… by Charlie Namiboo

[you can drink too much and forget the night before but I’ve learned you can never drink enough to forget the people you’ve loved and lost … ♪♫]

it;s a slow day running in place by Rowan Elise

Touch me baby, tainted love by Sorcha Tyles

When girls shine by Alica van Hell

◈№.441 - when girls shine

like the wind by Cataleya

. m o v e .

Sunkissed by L a n a

|S U N K I S S E D|

time spent with cats is never wasted by angell Starflare

time spent with cats is never wasted

The patience has more power than the force by Any Moonwall

"The patience has more power than the force"

Um dia de Sol by Aisha Cahir

~ Look 996 ~ Um dia de Sol

SLovesadventures; Where we going? by Love Trill

SLovesadventures:  Where We Going?

I wish that you could see by Zuzka

I wish that you could see

Janey by Ava Petrichor

clientwork by Kiana Jarman


tropicana by Lidsa

📷    ᵗ ʳ ᵒ ᵖ ᶤ ᶜ ᵃ ᶰ ᵃ.

Sunbathe by Adalynne Romano


Doing absolutely nothing in my active wear by Skaði

Yanikka by A. Chmela


Black Pearls by LeaOh

Black Pearls

feel everything deepy… by L a n a

|I feel everything deeply. Not just emotions but intentions, vibes, judgements and lies|

SB VIP Entry by Envy Watts

SB VIP Entry

Something just like this by Lillynot Jinx

Something Just Like This ♫♫

Umbrella by Lofa Iqah

...::: Umbrella :::...

Sof by Sofie Janic

S o f

Mistakes are Lessons by Dani Oderson

Mistakes are lessons

Dance with me by Purple Leonis

Dance with me

How much better is silence by Callie Hamelin

how much better is silence

Somewhere in Nevada by EXIS

...somewhere in Nevada

Alma’s Hat by Susanne Drechsler

Alma´s hat

Horse Fly by Coqueta Georgia

Horse Fly....

Gipsy Soul by Anuska Loon

Gipsy Soul

trying to remember by Charlie Namiboo

[trying to remember what you told me to forget … ♪♫]

Just Tonight by Lou Shadow

Just Tonight

5 o’clock Somewhere by Crys Lexenstar

_ 5 oclock somewhere _

Lost in Wonderland by Ric Applewhyte

{Light Edit} Lost in wonderland

137 by Miss Tomsen


Lace by Kitty von Cat

Look 444 - Lace

Beauty Need Only be a Whisper by Timaaj TJ

[Beauty need only be whisper]

455 by Sophieso Demonia

# ♥455

Hello Gorgeous by нiทατα sнαdy – ɑdriɑneSilvɑɑ

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 555 Hello Gorgeous...

People wait all week for Friday by Neda Andel

People wait all week for Friday... all year for Summer... all life for happiness...

Missing by Anais Maelle


❤ by Salvy


Dreamy by NinnaDazy


What a strange world we live in by Wicca Merlin

What a strange world we live in…

Indian Summer by Autumn Rose

Indian Summer

Hear the Beat by Aye

🌺 Hєαя тнє вєαт... 🌺

887 by Tomomi alpaca Homewood


Barn Wedding by Kynne Llewellyn

Barn Wedding

Soak by Lexia Kohime


nobody knows by i n e s

*n o b o d y / k n o w s...

Te dije vente conmigo… by Vega Arida

Te dije vente conmigo...

. by Leafy


Voodoo Tribe by Kynne Llewellyn

Voodoo Tribe

981 by Liah Constantine

I Know a Place by Ena Roane

I Know A Place

Bleed by Sandryta


Nayeli by Nayra Collas


Forest Spirit by Duchess Flux

Forest Spirit

Moroccan Mornings by EXIS

Moroccan mornings

Breath of Fresh Air by Jarla Capalini Sperber

Breath of fresh air

I just see clearly now by Kiana Jarman

i just see clearly now

Could I be, Was I there… by Emily Lemton

Could I Be, Was I There, It Felt So Crystal, In The Air...

My Mother’s Ocean Song by Finn Lawksley

My Mother's Ocean Song

Please Don’t Go by Foxi McCalister

Please don t go...

Stunned by Lexia Kohime


Gipsy Dreams by Anuska Loon

Gipsy Dreams

Meow by Katy Hastings

180515-Ludi-1 by Ludi Taurus


559 by Luxury Dolls Mannu Buckler

♚ 559 ♚

Second Life 12.05.18 by Angelo Diabolico

Second Life 12.05.18

Say I’m Worth It by Rowan Elise

Say I'm Worth It.

Your Love is Like Fire by Britny Rae

Your Love Is Like Fire

In every breathe there’s life by Vega Arida

In every breathe there´s life

Sunny Sunday Roundup by indie Loudwater

Sunny Sunday Roundup

Laure by VeraCruza


Pryce Mother’s Day Tribute – by Aria Kenden

a perfect day for a perfect day by Thalia Heckroth

a perfect day for a perfect day.

Run the World (Girls) by Sandryta

Run the World (Girls) ....

Back to School by Alica van Hell

Vintage Heart by Hara

Vintage heart

… by Lotus


Cool for the Summer by candy Serrao

Cool for the summer....

Pryce’s Mother’s Day Tribute by Ada

Pryce's Mothers Day Tribute

Anywhere Pose by Misty/Hera

Anywhere Pose

confidence is not… by angell Starflare

confidence is not 'they will like me'. confidence is 'i'll be fine if they don't'

Wild Cherries by Autumn Rose

Wild Cherries

Driving by Nikkiilin Resident


Pryce Mother’s Day Tribute by Cataleya

. 8 0 s.  [ #PryceMothersDayTribute ]

as is ever so on the road by EXIS

as is ever so on the road

Hold my Calls by Dee Wells

"Hold my calls"

. by i n e s


Contest Entry Alice by Kiana Jarman

Contest entry Alice

Up & Up by Lofa Iqah


Pryce Mother’s Day Tribute by Claudia Orsini

Pryce "Mother's Day" Tribute

Mind Games by airi tryst

"Mind Games".. Airi

beach days are the best days by Branwen Firanelli

Spring by EmiCo Tediore


The Walk by Zanthie Hale

The Walk

Voodoo Tribe by Coqueta Georgia

Voodoo Tribe....

My only sunshine by Hunnie Von Munster

My Only Sunshine...

beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself by Jasmine (Stardust – it;s Magic)

.beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

for taking my breath away by Lori Novo

...for taking my breath away

Boho Afternoons by SeleneDark Neximus

Boho afternoons...

How do you describe a feeling?… by Emily Lemton

How Do You Describe A Feeling? I've Only Ever Dreamt Of This...

Antonietta by Coqueta Georgia


warrior by Callie Hamelin


, by Adi (adiuvo)

what are your other two wishes by EXIS

..what are your other two wishes?

Uprising by Madison Redrose Bugaatti

Spring Fever by Aye

🌻 Sρяıпɢ ғενεя! 🌻

Wake and Bake by Riley Summers

Wake And Bake

untitled by Samanda Eddingham Jewell

… by Lotus


in my sobriety by Danna Benoir

In my sobriety

Adison by Magiasa Denver


Softness of a Woman by Morgan Monroe

Softness of a woman

What giant bunny? by Emma Da Souza

What giant bunny !?

Wild Flower by Autumn Rose

Wild Flower

Tokyo’s Tourist by Anelu

「Tokyo's Tourist」

Overdose by Kira Balestra


… by Lotus



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