Oopsy Daisy

I was going through You Tube videos earlier last week when Zedekiah pointed out that it’s been a loooooong time since I did a speed edit of my setting a scene! He was right, it had been way longer than I thought it had. I just forget to record, to be honest. So, I made an effort to remember while I put this quick scene together. Hope you enjoy!!! All the credits on the items used are listed below.



L2 Studio The Writer’s Shed (mesh)

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Mint Office Table Exclusive **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Office Chair & Pillow **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Cabinet Storage **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Cute table Frames **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Mood Inspirations Board RARE **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Computer Screen REWARD **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Computer Clavier REWARD **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] My Little PLanner **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Journal of Bloggers **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Pink Lamp **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Mint Vase & Peonies **NEW** at The Epiphany

*Ariskea [Yes! Happiness] Storage Boxes **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // daisy table **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // homesick suitcase RARE **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // broken typewriter **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // daisy iced tea . decor **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // bottled emotions **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // don’t be a prick **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // book clutter **NEW** at The Epiphany

*hive dust // milk jug daisies **NEW** at The Epiphany

*ACORN Sunday Tea Box **NEW** for Go by FaMESHed

*ACORN Sunday Teapot -Mint **NEW** for Go by FaMESHed

*ACORN SundayTeacup Stack -A & B **NEW** for Go by FaMESHed

Disorderly+Moon Amore/ Daisy Dream/ Watering Can

Disorderly+Moon Amore/ Daisy Dream/ Daisy Jar

*hive // macrame hanging plant. white

Can’t Even – Be Fresh as Fuck

~BAZAR~ Berlin-rug

4 thoughts on “Oopsy Daisy

  1. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us that are always are left wondering how ~ great job with the entire scene ♥♥


    1. Thank you Heidi – yes I have my own homestead that’s really just a giant sandbox for me 😀 I change the terrain a lot and like the ability to start and come back to something without it disappearing on me 🙂


      1. Awe nice! You’re lucky to have an entire homestead to yourself. My sky platform is a wreck. So many props and backdrops strewn about, and my downstairs neighbors are probably like “What is she up to now?”


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