Summer Feel Goods

I’ve been a bit quiet n the blogging front for a couple of days, mainly because I’ve been pulling together all the results from the blogger survey I ran last week. I was surprised by the number of respondents and the level of detail and it is taking me a bit longer to analyze than I thought it would. Good news though it’s almost completed and I hope to be able to post the results over the weekend.

I had so much great feedback on the speed edit that I did another one. It really just is a case of recording myself when I put together a scene. I’ll be doing a second post featuring the Granola bedroom you can see in this video, so for now I’ve just credited the items you can see in the photo scene and not in the video in the total.

Happy Friday!




*DaD “Beverly House” **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea [Amber] Porch Chair [Brown]

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase1

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Vase2

Ariskea [Ophelia] Big Plant

Ariskea //The Den [Maui] Beach Tode

Ariskea [Amber] Giant Plant Philo [Healthy]

Ariskea {Australia} Macrame Rug

Concept} 04. Chiringuito. Armchair. RARE

Concept} 03. Chiringuito. Sofa PG. RARE

Concept} Lalia Wood Table

Concept} Lalia Decos

Concept} 06. Chiringuito. Litle Tables

Concept} 07. Chiringuito. Lamp A

Concept} 07. Dunas Frames

Concept} 10. Bali Basket

Concept} 07. Bali Panel G

hive // Hailey’s hammock

hive // palm tree with base . A

hive // summer tote

hive // flip flops . tropical

hive // oversized alocasia plant

Granola. May 2018 Group Gift.

~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float

HPMD* Garden Vine 02

Cube Republic Pampas Grass

Cube Republic Coconut Palms

Skye Palm Trees

Skye Zingiberaceae

:Fanatik Architecture: Rocks

[G] Sea Rocks Type2

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