Back In The Day

I’m so ready for Autumn. The weather has a chill in the air this weekend and I, for one, am glad of it.

My photo today features the Tres Beau Maison Gazebo from The Trunk Show. I was discussing this item with Beuanna, Blogger Manager for The Trunk Show and I realised that the creator was the first person I ever purchased something from way backĀ  in 2006. I was on my original avatar Kadie and I had joined Second Life in the November of that year. Like a lot of people I camped for L$ back then, made some wonderful friends while doing it and saved up my L$ to buy an outfit called Ar-Gyl from Tres Beau. I certainly got my monies worth cos I wore that outfit for months. That’s a funny thing to realise now when I often can’t wear the same outfit for even a day now. I actually logged in to my Kadie account to check and I still have the outfit which I eventually matched up with a cute bob haircut from Calla! Purchased on December 6th 2006!!!

Anyways, I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and enjoy my first photo of the fall!


*Tres Beau Maison Gazebo Single **NEW** at The Trunk Show

DaD – Climbing Ivy

Skye Enchanted Trees

*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

*alirium* ItchyGrass [Gold]

Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Flat Scattered

HPMD* Cliff Hill – autumn B

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