Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Salem opens today and I managed to get a sneak peek around the set up before opening. You will not be disappointed! There is literally something spooky and spectacular for everyone. So, if you follow my blog expect to see a lot of horror and halloween spookiness on the blog over the next few weeks. Salem is always a great mix of fashion, accessories and amazing decor in both gacha and normal sales sets so whatever your style you’ll be happy.

Check out the DaD tree while you’re at Salem it comes in an adult and pg versions with eerily cute couples and singles animations on the swing.



*DaD “Dead Halloween Tree” **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Table **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Bench **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Silence. – Dark Dining Candle Bottles **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Place Setting **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Webbed Square Bowl – Black/Gold **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Spider Bowl **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Bookshelf **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Bottle Vases **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Book Stack **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Dark Dining Photo Collage **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Black Caramel Apples – Red **NEW** at Salem

*Silence. – Black Caramel Apples – Green **NEW** at Salem

*BALACLAVA!! The Nameless Kid **NEW** at Salem

*floorplan. headstone / vacancy **NEW** at Salem

*floorplan. headstone / sleep well **NEW** at Salem

[Merak] – Bella’s Books

{anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole

{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt

:Fanatik Architecture: RUINS Wall 09 Summer

:Fanatik Architecture: RUINS Floor B Summer 512

*alirium* Dwarf Forest

marsh plant 01

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