Good morning everyone. I’m up pretty early on a Sunday morning to write this blog which is surprising as I was up very late last night. I’m up early because I have Sunday morning rehearsals for the pantomime I’m in at work but today is also a special Sunday. It’s mine and Artem’s anniversary. We’ve been officially together/partnered a year today. Lord knows we’ve had a couple of low points over the last year and a decision to swap to using an alt account permanently but I don’t honestly think I could be happier with where we have landed 12 months on from where we started.

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”

Charles Bukowski


*..::THOR::. Riverside Refuge **NEW** at Uber

*[Cinoe] Grandmother’s chair plain (cafe) **NEW** at Blueprint Event

*[Cinoe] Grandmother’s table **NEW** at Blueprint Event

*[Cinoe] Grandmother’s plants **NEW** at Blueprint Event

Compulsion Plants

Cube Republic Mountain Pines

Cube Republic Reed Green With Flower

Cube Republic Cattails Cluster

: Fanatik Architecture: Rock

Heart – Chyra Waterfall – 3

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