Relax, it’s Christmas

The days seem to be going all to quickly in the run up to Christmas but tomorrow is my last day at RL work and I know I’m just a few days away from “I don’t care anymore” Kess. It’s a state of complete calm that I go into around lunchtime on Christmas Eve. If I’ve not bought something – tough! If I’ve forgotten a present for someone – so what? If I’ve forgotten a vital ingredient for Christmas Dinner – oh well! I just get past stressing about it. No one will die if there is no cranberry sauce. No one is going to be mentally scarred for life if I forgot a present and throw some cash in a Christmas card instead. No one is going to murder me in my sleep because they got a last minute Amazon E-Card on Christmas Eve instead of a gift under a tree. I guess it’s the point at which I think sod this stress…this is NOT what Christmas is supposed to be about anyways! But until that point….I’ll be as stressed out as everyone else!


*Loft & Aria – Grace Sofa **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Grace Table **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Grace Rug **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Grace Big Succulent **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Grace Succulent **NEW** at Collabor88

*Loft & Aria – Grace Chandelier **NEW** at Collabor88

*Fancy Decor: Jordan Hammered Cups **NEW** at Collabor88

*Fancy Decor: Jordan Cabinet **NEW** at Collabor88

*Fancy Decor: Jordan Punch Bowl **NEW** at Collabor88

*Fancy Decor: Jordan Christmas Trees **NEW** at Collabor88

*Dahlia – Holiday Glam – Caviar – 30 **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

*SHADES – Lawrence Ottoman **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

*MudHoney Calla Fireplace – Black

*{moss&mink} Geometric Orb Deco

*DISORDERLY. / Fancy Glam / Tealight Trees / Gold **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

*DISORDERLY. / Fancy Glam / Reindeer Figures / Gold **NEW** at The Arcade Gacha

{what next} Calm & Bright Wall Collage

[Commoner] Gilded Modern / Wall Art (Jingle Bells 02)

[Commoner] Gilded Modern / Wall Art (Jingle Bells 01)

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Screen

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Sep 15 – Greenwich Park House RARE

Botanical Tree decorated with *Fancy Decor: at Tannenbaum

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