Events often have themes which means, as a blogger/decorator, it can make it easier to put together a scene for a photograph. I particularly love it when items from different events come together. After all, your inventory isn’t themed is it? So when you decorate a home or space you don’t have items all sorted by themes of ‘boho’ or ‘industrial’ etc…well not unless you are super organised and make duplicate copies of items that fit more than one theme.

So, inspired by the traveler/mountain theme of the THOR set from Man Cave here is a little sleep/work/eat space featuring items from a few events plus quite a few inventory items. Hope you enjoy.


*MINIMAL – Industrial Loft skybox

*Architect. Atelier Chaise [brown] **NEW** at A+ Event

*..::THOR::. Adventure Sign **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Hustle Frame **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Free Frame **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Mountain Pines Frame **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Wooden Lamp **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Smokin’ Mountains Pipe Holder RARE **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Cameron Tobaco Tin **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Log Sidetable 1 **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Log Sidetable 2 **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Home Cactus **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Succulents Pot **NEW** at Man Cave

*..::THOR::. Animal Rug **NEW** at Man Cave

*hive // bowl of fresh oranges

*hive // orange juice prep

*hive // kitchen utensils

*hive // macrame hanging plant . charcoal

*hive // magnolia plant

dust bunny. spicy fiesta. quesadilla

dust bunny. spicy fiesta. loaded nachos

dust bunny. storybook living. researcher’s journal

Bazar – Toronto Kitchen

Bazar – Traveler-Books stack

Bazar – Traveler-Map

Bazar – Traveler-Wood sculpture

Bazar – Traveler-Vintage personal items

*Ariskea [Frank] Road Frame

BALACLAVA!! Magazine Rack

*17 Fancy Decor: Miles Slippers

*JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Tabby Wandering Kitten

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