SL Calendar Guys – January 2019

What about the boys!!! I was beginning to lose count of the messages I was getting every month asking for an SL Calendar Girls….for boys! So, in January I started the group on Flickr and have been encouraging people to join it since. We already have an amazing group of bloggers/photographers adding their photos to the group as you can see from the first monthly selection which follows.

I would love to see this become as popular as Calendar Girls so if you know someone who takes male avatar photos have them join the group and add their art!

Artem has been helping me moderate and build the Flickr group but I do want to stress that he has nothing to do with the selection of photos on this blog. That’s down to me. He’ll say I’m biased but even before I knew him I was always in awe of his photographs and his editing talent…so it’s highly likely one or more of his photos will appear in the selection each month. There’s probably someone who has an opinion on the fairness of that but I don’t see why he shouldn’t appear in the list just because he has the misfortune (or fortune *coughs*) of being partnered to me! I also need to thank him for allowing me to use one of his images as the feature/cover photo for the blog post.

Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the debut selection, for January 2019:

My Midnight by Kira Balestra

My Midnight

01.31.2019 by Trouble Dethly


Hands down,… by Zain Garzo

Post19 by Mathew Thomson

Just one more mug… by Victor Miguel


MAOZ Photo Contest by Caesar Langer

MAOZ photo contest 04_Caesar Langer

I’m only human by Soul Crimson

Paper bags and angry voices by Zeke Jestyr

Feral by Scar Requiem


Zero to 60 by Roman Godde

Mr John Paul Getty III by Tyler Oysternatz

Mr. John Paul Getty III

Out of the dark by RyanTailor

Out of the Dark

Murder Mitten by Lutke Avedon

Murder Mitten

A R T E M by Artem Viiperi


Wolly Mammoth by Blair Lockhearst

Wolly Mammoth

you the only one… by Hikaru Enimo

You the only one..........

Prey by Dash

I really do try… by Marked Life

⚡️I really do try to get along with others....but sometimes

The Prince and the Poodle by Scar Requiem

The Prince and the Poodle

Endymion by Qwantzy

Endymion  (N°036)

Afterhours by iozi wasp


unscatter by brandon taselian


untitled by Dony Zifer

It comes and goes in waves by thejayce

It Comes and Goes in Waves

untitled by Jost

Fugitive by Enzo Santana


I follow where my mind goes by Kavika Lowgun

I’m alright by MattNight84

I'm Alright

731 by Edumetal Lavarock & Laveneno74

My darkness without…. by Jay Teddy Murs

My darkness without pineapple cake

In time and I will have… by Freakshow Zsun

In time and I will have nothing to say

A R T E M by Artem Viiperi


Draw your swords by Roman Godde

Draw Your Swords

Take it one day at a time by Chris Morrisey

Take it one day at a time

Easy (like Sunday morning) by Scar Requiem

Easy (like Sunday morning)

Sous le halo d’un réverbère by Anakin Jupiter

Sous le halo d'un réverbère

Take your Time by gouki marciano

Take Your Time ♥♥

In the road of life by Victor Miguel


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