Rise! Resist! Unite!

Today is my last day at rl work for the week but I have a busy few days ahead. I know I have mentioned One Billion Rising a few times over the last couple of weeks but haven’t gone into great detail about what it is for those that don’t know.

One Billion Rising?

One Billion Rising a real life global campaign against violence against women. The name One Billion Rising came from the staggering statistic that more than 1 in 3 women, children and girls will deal with some form of violence, be it sexual or not, or rape during their lifetime. That is over one billion females.  Eve Ensler, who started One Billion Rising, wanted to create a global day of action where women rose up, with dance at its core, to show the world what one billion women looked like.

Second Life

In Second Life we create a huge festival of dance, art, literature and music for 24 hours to celebrate One Billion Rising. For the last four years I have been a member of the organising committee that puts the day together. We’re a small committed group, each of us have our own reasons for being part of the event. One Billion Rising in Second Life is one of the things I do in Second Life that I am most proud of. It’s an exhilarating and enthralling day filled with music, laughter, times for pausing for thought, times to support others and of course, times to dance. I encourage everyone, male and female, to come along on the day to visit.
The event takes place on 4 sims with the dance and music stage at the centre. I have landscaped and decorated one of the sims this year (with some help from Artem), housing the Poetry & Prose stage and I will be dj’g on the main stage to open and close the event tomorrow.
There will be dance performances throughout the day, light and particle shows, live music, dj’s, 2D and 3D art installations, poetry readings and more. Please do come along. It’s not a fundraiser, just a beautiful, fun, festival with amazing people creating wonderful art with a strong message.
Can you Help?
We could really still do with some volunteers to help tomorrow with greeting so if you can spare a couple of hours have a read below. The website is being updated regularly with new information but here’s some links you might find useful:

One Billion Rising Event Schedule

One Billion Rising Event Staff & Volunteer Information

One Billion Rising in Second Life – About




*Head – Lelutka – Bianca 3.3

Skin – The Skinnery – Jerry

*Hair – Exile:: – Lana  **NEW** at Collabor88

Necklace – e.marie – Royal Necklace 14k Gold

Rings – (Yummy) Art Deco Rings **NEW** at Collabor88

*Dress – Dead Dollz Amor Dress **NEW** at Belle Event

Pose – ana poses – Frankfurt


*MINIMAL – Paris Views Scene **NEW** at Uber

ROIRO – “OAZO” Hanging plants

*JIAN Poodle Party 15. White Wanderer

KK’s – 2 lace curtain 2 – Straight

HPMD* Garden Vine02

*SHADES – Anastasia Bed **NEW** at Equal 10

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