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Hope you’re having a good Sunday. As a Game of Thrones fan, I am anxiously awaiting finding out who of our beloved characters will fall in the Battle for Winterfell…yet at the same time hoping to put it off so that I don’t have to face the facts of who we will lose.

I have a few photos taken and ready to show you over the next few days and I particularly like this one for a number of reasons. I’ll go through them

  1. Some of you may know that I own a website called that promotes mainstore releases, gifts, hunts etc. Anything that takes place in a mainstore instead of at an event location. The aim is simple, to provide a one-stop place for everything relating to mainstores. I’m not anti-events at all. I blog for several, I shop them all and I even manage two, Salon 52 and Flourish Sales Studio. I also used to do a regular review of a mainstore location on the blog called Mainstore Monday. So, I love a mainstore release. I love seeing stores mix up events with mainstore releases. The items I’m showcasing today from Loft & Aria are a mainstore release, available now at the location linked below. At first glance, the set has a slightly more ‘masculine’ feel than a lot of the releases from Loft & Aria, especially with its monochrome palette, but I have gone for a neutral room style which would suit either…well I think so anyways!
  2. Talking of Flourish, two of the items are Exclusive sales items at the event from Eleventh Hour. The Mood board made me giggle cos I am sure all of us have the ability to go from Happy to Eff You in seconds given the right circumstances!
  3. Wine! Now, I haven’t been drinking much lately. Not for any reason…I didn’t decide to drink less. I just haven’t fancied a drink. But I do love a good glass of red wine, or a perfectly chilled Chablis when the weather is good. The wine themed items in the scene are by Merak and available at the new round of Uber!
  4. The scene has a puppy!

Anyways, that’s all from me for today. Hope you have a good Sunday, and, if you are also a GoT fan I hope your favourite doesn’t bite the Westeros dust!


*Loft & Aria – Kady Hide Rug LI: 1 **NEW** Mainstore Release
*Loft & Aria – Kady Decorative Metal Bull Head LI: 1 **NEW** Mainstore Release
*Loft & Aria – Kady Chair (PG) LI: 3 **NEW** Mainstore Release
*Loft & Aria – Kady Print LI: 2 **NEW** Mainstore Release
*Loft & Aria – Kady Decorative Bench LI: 1 **NEW** Mainstore Release
*Loft & Aria – Kady Lantern LI: 5 **NEW** Mainstore Release

*[Merak] – Wine Glasses Shelf LI: 1 **NEW** at Uber
*[Merak] – Industrial Alcohol Shelf LI: 3 **NEW** at Uber

*Eleventh Hour: Ashford Art Desk **Exclusive at Flourish**
*Eleventh Hour: Mood Noticeboard **Exclusive at Flourish**

dust bunny. darling hanging plant LI: 5
dust bunny. fiddle leaf tree LI: 5

Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Easel LI: 4
Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting (static) LI: 1
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Canvas pile LI: 1
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Palette LI: 1

*MudHoney Cale Ottoman LI: 3
*MudHoney Cale Wall Decor LI: 3
*MudHoney Marble Bear LI: 2
*MudHoney Rock Cairn LI: 2
*MudHoney Cale Vase 1 LI: 2
*MudHoney Cale Vase 2 LI: 2

*..::THOR::.. Industrial Hanging Lamp LI: 3

{vespertine} – blossom cotton hanging basket LI: 7
{vespertine} – oversized maranta plant.

ROIRO – Hanging planter (Unknown plants) LI: 2

Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion

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