Good morning.

May is just around the corner and hopefully the good weather continues. Many of us that have our own land or sims will have already moved to a more Spring like feel to our landscaping but it really won’t be long before the beaches and tropical plants come out of hiding too.

I do often wonder how it works for our friends in the southern hemisphere deal with the very northern hemisphere seasons in Second Life? Do they go with the flow or do they landscape for the seasons in their own continent?

Today I am showcasing more items from Uber, this time from DRD. The neglected kitchen, of course, compliments many either items in the DRD style. DRD is everyone’s first stop for when you’re needing this grungy, dilapidated, and ruined furniture look and these items don’t fail in area. The come individually or as a linked set (shown).

I’m still counting down the days to the week off but better get on with some real life work now! Have a great day!


*DRD – Neglected Kitchen **NEW** at Uber

*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Scale and Stash – One LI: 1
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Poster – Weed Fairy LI: 1
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Poster – Refer Madness LI: 1
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Floor Bong – Morbid LI: 3
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Armchair – Poetry – Adult LI: 4
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Notes – Smoke Weed LI: 2
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Poster – Black Sunday LI: 1
*DRD – The Joint Coffee Shop – Poster – Hollyweed LI: 1

*Apple Fall Coastal Pier Large, Semi-Destroyed LI: 9

HPMD* Garden Vine01 – olive D LI: 3

Heart – Wildflowers – lily of the Nile – White

*..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Vintage Garden Chair – Yellow LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. Stoner Tea Cup LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Camp Folding Table – Dirt LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. Camp Stoves LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Thor Soda Spilled LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Playcards – Deco Only LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Counter LI: 6
*..::THOR::... ANGURIA! Vintage Garden Chair – Blue LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Old Folding Chair – Deco Only LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. Glass rack LI: 4

T-Spot Mesh – Weeds Patch – LI=1

[we’re CLOSED] ruined cottage – no longer available

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