SL Home & Garden Calendar – October 2019

It’s no secret that I love home, garden, decor and landscape photos and we really have the best of the best adding their pictures each month to the Home and Garden Calendar group!

The talent in the Home & Garden Calendar group never fails to inspire me! I love seeing all the different ways bloggers and photographers come up with of using the same items for dramatically different results!

As with Calendar Girls I make a selection of my favourite photos each month, Check out the selection for October 2019 below!

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

The Last Sonata by Shocking Wonder

The last sonata

Three Six Four by Scar Requiem

Three Six Four

The sea has secrets by Sorcha Tyles

[ The sea has secrets ]

Inviting Autumn Home by Lilah Wildrose

Inviting Autumn Home

You can go as far as you dream… by Annan Adored

Forgotten Secrets by Kellytopaz Firehawk

Forgotten Secrets...

Sweet Paradise to the Dark’s by Kiara Slet

| Sweet Paradise to the Dark's |

1497 by Carol Bebb

❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 1497

In order to get that… by Mischa Moyet

Countryside Dream by Sandryta

Countryside in my apartment by Sofie Janic

Countryside in my apartment

Time Stood Still by Justine Lemton

Time Stood Still

Pastel Shades of Sunlight by EXIS

Pastel shades of sunlight

Limitless Living by Teej

Limitless living

Apothecary pills and ancient thrills by Hara

Apothecary pills and ancient thrills

Let us travel into a dream by Bambi

Let us travel into a dream

Witch’s Work Table by Grace O’Malley

Witch's Work Table

solitude by Ni Avril

s o l i t u d e

I’m broke but I’m happy… by Dean Joe

♪ I'm broke but I'm happy I'm poor but I'm kind I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah I'm high but I'm grounded I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby... ♪

countryside dream by Zeke Jestyr

countryside dream

A cozy place… by Loly Hallison

A cozy place to past a night...

untitled by Xana Newall

House of Spells by Adrianne Silva

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 757 House of Spells...

Feeling Cozy by NatG

Feeling Cozy

Stay Wild by Alexis Wilson

Stay Wild

untitled by Terr Jedda


Countryside Dream by IgorAlmeida

Countryside Dream

Autumn’s Blessing by Alexa Maravilla

Autumn’s blessings

untitled by Naiike Pani


now I lay me down to sleep by Callie Hamelin

now I lay me down to sleep...

The past beats inside me by Annan Adored

You ain’t gonna stop me by Sadystika Sabretooth

You ain't gonna stop me

For every minute… by Engelsstaub

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness

soul collection by Zeke Jestyr

soul collection

Countryside Dream by Luane Meo

Countryside Dream

A good day of Autumn by Victor Miguel


Seafood connection by chercherry crystal

Seafood connection

Soul Collector by Skye

Soul Collector

Vespertine… by Mac Massimo

Vespertine – Apple Pie & Plums // Bread

Tools of the Trade by Victoria Konnor James

Tools of the Trade

Wiccan practices by EXIS

Wiccan practices

Falling into witchcraft by Noah Kim

💚 FALLing into Witchcraft

The Balloon Popper Game by Francesca Pfeffer

The Balloon Popper Game

Hello Sunshine by Varosh Santanamiguel

Hello Sunshine

A tender Autumn by Yeriak

#Deco.  「 A tender autumn 」

Cause all I have left… by Tate

Cause all I have left is my memories of yesterday...

We’d be great together by Justine Lemton

We'd Be Great Together

Queen Palm by Elaine Lectar

Little Branch - Queen Palm - Animated

Antique Shoppe by Alexa Maravilla

Antique shoppe

The firplace by Bambi

The firplace

Aenima by Shocking Wonder


love potion by Engelsstaub

love potion

Soul Collector by Luane Meo

Soul Collector

A few of my favorite things by Ellen

A Few of My favorite things...

Seafood Market by Bekks

Seafood Market

Autumn Bounty by Scar Requiem

Autumn Bounty

Spooktacular Steampunk by Callie Oh

LOTD 223 Spooktacular Steampunk

Quiet before the storm by Sander Sunborne

Quiet Before The Storm

Good company by Malina Joetta

untitled by Markel Kenzo


harvest by Tab Tatham


Country Harvest by Hara

Country harvest

Hiraeth by Victor Miguel


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