Good morning and happy Monday! As mentioned in this blog on several occasions I’m a fan of Mondays! I feel really quite positive on Mondays and today is no different. 

I’ve been fighting a nagging toothache for a week or so now. I’m not a huge fan of the dentist but I see a visit to one coming in the near future at this rate. But, I am not going to even let a nagging dull pain get me down today.


What I am blogging today:
There is still a couple of days for you to head over to Uber and pick up the DRD Deadmore Mortuary set. It’s another fab build from DRD and absolutely stuffed full of incredible items to build the perfect mortuary scene. Inspired by the Movies v TV shows theme from 6 republic I decided on this rather surreal scene to show the entire building and also added in some great new releases from Pandemonium.


*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Building **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Morgue Basin LI: 1 **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Morgue Lamp LI: 1 **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Morgue Gurney – Body LI: 9 **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Embalming Cart LI: 4 **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Coffin Display – F LI: 3 **NEW** at Uber
*DRD – Deadmore Mortuary – Fridge – Bodies LI: 37 **NEW** at Uber

*Refuge – Vintage TV Mannequin 666 LI: 10 **NEW** at 6 Republic
*Refuge – Vintage TV Mannequin Nightmare LI: 10 **NEW** at 6 Republic
*Refuge – Vintage TV Mannequin Skull LI: 10 **NEW** at 6 Republic

*Raindale – Witching Hour bath – black (Adult) **NEW** at 6 Republic

*[Cinoe] Old wall **NEW** at 6 Republic

*NOMAD // Monitor Pylon 12LI **NEW** at 6 Republic

*!PANDEMONIUM [Mesh] Stonework Steps – Mossy Dark Gray 1
*!PANDEMONIUM 22. Mossy Corner Ruins
*!PANDEMONIUM 15. Mossy Broken Wall 2
*!PANDEMONIUM Tomb Of Dracul
*!PANDEMONIUM 10. Mossy Ruins Debris
*!PANDEMONIUM 12. Mossy Broken Wall 3
*!PANDEMONIUM 21. Mossy Broken Ruins Floor

Skye Twisted Tree ( no base ) LI: 12

T-Spot Mesh – Weeds Patch – LI=1 LI: 1

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