Christmas Corner

Good morning! What a difference a week makes! I was pretty stressed out this time last week as a lot of things came at me at the same time. I am not a stressy person generally so if I do recognise stress then it’s usually already at a pretty bad stage. I also have a tendency to park things that are stressing me out and work through the least stressful things, but, I am also aware that generally that makes things worse in the long run. 

Things have eased up significantly this week and I’m pretty much ahead of where I need to be in most areas now. I’ve had to make some decisions about my workload and how often and who I blog for. I will be blogging less in future to keep it fun and a ‘hobby’ outside of my ‘work’ in Second Life. That’s the plan anyways…then I’ll see something I want to make a photo with and find I’m still blogging daily! 

What I am blogging today:
Thoughts and photos are definitely turning to winter and the Christmas holidays. I know my US friends have Thanksgiving first but most of the world doesn’t…so we’re full steam ahead for 25th December. Nutmeg has a beautiful new set called Holiday Clutter now available at Kustom9 and while there you can check out the Merak Emma armchair and ottoman. 
My favourite dessert in the entire world is creme brulee so there is nothing I could think of I’d like more in this setting than the beautiful puddings from andika that are available at 6 Republic (which closes today so be super quick!). 
Lastly, I wanted to give credit where it’s due. I found a new store through another blogger (if anyone still believe blogging doesn’t make a difference they are wrong). I saw these boots in a photo by Elaine Lectar and because she had them listed in the credits on her blog post, I was able to head over to Enchantment and pick up the items from Barley


*andika [Amelie creme brulee recipe] Rum **NEW** at 6 Republic (til 20th November)
*andika [Amelie creme brulee recipe] **NEW** at 6 Republic (til 20th November)
*andika [Amelie creme brulee recipe] Book **NEW** at 6 Republic (til 20th November)

*[Merak] – Emma’s Armchair (green tartan) LI: 11 **NEW** at Kustom9
*[Merak] – Emma’s Otoman (green tartan) LI: 5 **NEW** at Kustom9

*Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Wooden Angel Bonus Item LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Books LI: 4 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Ladder w/Decor Adult LI: 8 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Stool / 1 LI: 6 **NEW** at Kustom9

Barley – End of Fall Boots **NEW** at Enchantment

12 8f8 – Winter Memories of Autumn – Greeting porter Autumn LI: 3

*Apple Fall Heritage Woodburner LI: 4

*Dahlia – Decorative Folk Christmas Tree – Iron LI: 1
*Dahlia – Decorative Folk Christmas Tree – Brushed LI: 1

dust bunny. present pile LI: 4

floorplan. rectangle metal sign / mistletoe LI: 1
floorplan. round metal sign / merry LI: 1

*hive // noel tin train LI: 1

*Nutmeg. Rustic Firewood Basket LI: 9
*Nutmeg. Rustic Branch Wreath LI: 6
*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Packages LI: 4
*Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Wooden Chest LI: 4
*Nutmeg. Vintage Tabletop Wreath Dark w/Lights LI: 2
*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Rug LI: 14

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