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Dead Dollz, Mina, ChicChica Second life

Good morning!

I wanted to talk a little bit about shapes today. Since bento heads launched there has been a resurgence of sales of shapes, which is obviously awesome for shape makers. Many stores will also include a shape in the skins they sell too. I see on Facebook and Flickr a lot of people saying that they won’t buy shapes because they can never get the exact same look as the vendor photo. Truth is, you probably won’t and here are the reasons why:

1 – Brows – The biggest reason for the shape looking different on the face is the brow shaper. If a shape is included but the brow shaper isn’t it will have a massive impact on how the face looks.
2 – Skin – The shading, tone and paintwork on the skin will have a lot of impact on how the shape looks on the avatar.
3 – Hair – A lot of how our brain processes the look of our face is based on the hair and how it frames the shape of the face.
4 – Windlight/Lighting – shadows, lighting, and local lighting of your environment will be different from that of the creator when they made the vendor image.
5 – Graphics Quality – Unless you have exactly the same graphics card, and the same settings on your computer and then the same settings in world then there will be a difference in how the shape looks on your avatar.
6 – The view aspect ratio of your viewer. There are a lot of tutorials about the fish-eye effect of the default setting of the view aspect ratio. It has a huge impact when you cam in on your face, rather than zoom in on your fact. Here’s an example:

View Angle

The first photo is taken at the Firestorm viewer default view aspect and the second is a close up at 0.400 view aspect. As you can see my shape appears to be completely different when in fact it is exactly the same.

You can find the view aspect in Firestorm in the Phototools area under CAM.

What I’m blogging today. 

Dead Dollz, Mina, ChicChica Second life

MINA is back after taking some time out of SL to learn new techniques and unless I missed one this is her first alpha hair. She’s done a great job with it and this style is a simple ponytail style with a lovely tucked behind the ear sweeping fringe. The dress I’m wearing is from Dead Dollz. It was a released in two colours for Fifty Linden Friday a couple of weeks ago but is also a full release in a large range of colours in the store. I am wearing this on Legacy, even though it’s Maitreya only, with the Legacy fit deformers and it works perfectly!


*Head – LeLutka – Lake

*Skin   – Glam Affair – Reese **NEW** at Uber

*Hair – MINA Hair – Lauren  **NEW** at Uber

*Dress – Dead Dollz – Tanya Dress **NEW** at Mainstore

*Drink – ChicChica – Candy Blue Chammy

*Pose  – Lyrium – Lou Series

Decor in previous post

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