SL Calendar Guys – May 2020

I am so much later with this list this month than I wanted to be… apologies! The amount of talent in the group each month is growing and growing and the guys list is for sure catching up with the girls one super fast!

The boys group, albeit the newest of the calendar groups, is really going from strength to strength and it really has become one of the highlights of the month to go through this group choosing the images. The variety and number of images being added by so many different amazing photographers and bloggers amazes me. The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for May 2020

Destination by Enzo Santana


Hace falta más que valor pa’ afrontar la muerte… by Luis Whitlock

Hace falta más que valor pa' afrontar la muerte, puedes correr pero no puedes esconderte.

Darkside Mix by RM

◤Darkside Mix◢

The beautiful thing about fear… by Brian Werefox

The beautiful thing about fear is when you run to it, it runs away.

A way out by Dabs

A way out

I was thinking of you… by Hikaru Enimo

I was thinking of you..........

untitled by Brendo Schneuta


The Romance is Over by Gilli Fraser

The Romance Is Over

Tell me the secrets… by Joseph Mars

Tell me the secrets that you know

114 by Pedro

Look # 114

119 by Dreewzy


Life me up… by Hayden Dethly

Lift me up, give me a start

untitled by Kimmy Ridley

"I’m not black, but I see you. I’m not black, but I hear you. I’m not black, but I mourn with you. I’m not black, but I see the injustice that you face daily. I’m not black, but I see your fear for your sons and even your daughters....

remarkable big blls’t by The mad man in town

remarkable Big BLLS*t

1268 by Edumetal Lavarock


The good old days by Gooch Benedetto

The Good Old Days

Angel No 6 by Ethan Lane

Skip Disavow by Skip Staheli


Can’t Fight the Moonlight by Black

Cant Fight The Moonlight

Hot tubbin by Cody Takeda

Hot Tubbin'

#blacklivesmatter by Kaua Newey


Let me blow your mind by Ric Applewhyte

Let me blow your mind

A war with no weapons by Banagher

A War With No Weapons...

People with weaknesses…. by  Conall DeCuir

“People with weaknesses get killed by the people who lack them. Notice I'm not dead.”

547 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 547 ]

Out of myself by Colourless Traveller

Out of myself

Viking Gang by Oscar Ragnar


Single de diamant by ARnnO PLAneR

Single de diamant

Fury by Darkyn Dover Darkyn


City Rebels by The Hendes

City Rebels...

Gallant Magazine by Renan McKeenan

Gallant Magazine SL - Spring 2020

Love’s Remains by Felix Enchanted

Love's remains

Falling by Murilo Tempest

Falling ♫♪

I can’t even stop myself by Hardin Bass



Vector Lawman by Wolvern Vilkas

...Vector Lawman...

Danger Detected… by Azazel Skarsgard

☣ Danger detected!!! Mission; Destroy all humanity.

Dark as night by Taliah Hayes

Dark as night

She don’t gotta ask by cobain

Ain’t nobody gonna save you by Damien Crow

"Ain't nobody gonna save you............................"

Sound of nature by Michael Reid

609 by Coba Zicke


untitled by Scott Shelby


No 33 by Mister Novocain


Whatever it takes by Sonic

Ɯнαтєνєя ιт тαкєѕ...

Splish Splash by Divos Titanium

Splish Splash

Sweet Dreams by HADES

Stone Jungle by ThiegoFire

Stone Jungle...

Just a Thing by FatHead

Rezz Room by Bjarn

[Rezz Room] Great Dane Adult Animesh

The best gift God gave me… by Tulio Thierry Bass

The best gift God gave me, life taught me to fight for what is mine ..

293 by XxSHIONxX


Vance by Allie Banana


Let the moon keep you wild by Nirevil

Nirevil # 418 Let the moon keep you wild

I’m on the highway to hell by Mr Wolf

I'm on the highway to hell 🐺🎧

Come along by Varosh Santanamiguel

Come along

Wolf by Prophet

W o l f

3-Piece by Cody Takeda


Time to think by Leonardo Hardman

Time to think.

Vacay by Zain Harrington-Garzo


Shake it up by Markel Kenzo

Spotlight on The Summoning… by Blog IMMORTAL

Spotlight on The Summoning & Men Only Monthly Events! - "Backstage Pass Series 02"

365 by Connor Reed


Without past…. by B R R O

Without past I can't disappoint

Enclave by Mister Mercury

Blinding Lights by Adam Cayden

Blinding Lights

Mile High by Vladimir Deed

Mile high

Down by the Dock by Gary Teabag

Down by the Dock

unwind by Dylan

client work by Lila Yheng

*Client Work*

90 by Mr Showman


1676 by Xaveco Mania

→● 1676 ●←

Outside by NRH


Oh sweet summer days by BB

Oh sweet summer days

Street Life by JS

Street Life

104 by Pedro

Look # 104

Infinite by DABS


The Bay photo contest by Kane Dolan

"The Bay - Photo Contest Spring 2020" Monster

Take it back by Summer Salt

Wake the f*ck up… by Kavika Lowgun

I dream of you by Sander Sunborne

I Dream of You

Hoje eu acordei com uma vontade… by Bruno Thorne

Hoje eu acordei com uma vontade enorme De sair e andar sem direção

Momentum by Roman Godde


flutterbees by Gibson R


it is not that you are different… by Bruno Bueno

🔥It is not that you are different, but that no one can be like you.

Nature and Animals by Crann Bethadh

297 - Nature and animals

1261 by Edumetal Lavarock


Your crew is featherweight… by Caiti Baxton

Your crew is featherweight, my gunshots'll make you levitate.

condividere by aver osk


Style by yuyen mertz


paranoid android by Zeke Jestyr

paranoid android

Disovering myself by Enzo Santana

Discovering myself 👨‍🎤

untitled by Alaska Whalen

♥ ♥ ♥

Who wants to live forever by Hilarie Beaumont

Who wants to live forever ?

untitled by Soul Crimson

Theo skin by Kn0ck 0ut

Theo Skin

Storm by Sonic


untitled by Justin McAvoy

Remember who you belong to by Sora Fujisaki

~ Remember who you belong to ~

untitled by Alex


When the sun sets… by Damien Crow

"When the sun sets we're both the same....................."

Once there was… by Marc Cyrado

Once there was this kid who...

Poolside by Dean Bourne




untitled by Jayce Wilde Sparrowhawk


Harry 88 by Harry James Carter

Harry 88

Broken Machine by Wolvern Vilkas

...Broken Machine...

F*ck u! likes nerd boys by Hardin Bass

# 468 | F*ck u! likes nerds boys.

untitled by iozi wasp

Keep Fighting by Jinx Applewhyte

Keep Fighting

You don’t know my mind by Adam Cayden

"You don't know my mind..."

the rainman by Manuro AlKhainer

2020_05 the rainman

06.05 by Phaedrus Tenenbaum


untitled by HCXII

86 by Mr Showman

I hope you find your peace… by Trouble Dethly

I Hope You Find Your Peace Falling on Your Knees, Praying

The 70s Glow by Grant Valeska

GRANT VALESKA . The 70s Glow

And then, I saw a new… by Parker Storm

Only when I Walk Away by Jayce Takeda

Only When I Walk Away

simple man by Mark Knight

simple man ...

Skip Tear in Solitude by Skip Staheli

Skip~Tear in Solitude

untitled by Justin McAvoy


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