SL Calendar Girls – November 2020

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls November 2020 selection.

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and in a week or so I’ll be launching the search for the Face of Calendar Girls (and Guys) so watch this space for information about that. I’ve loved using the beautiful photograph of Sylvia Olivier throughout this year and I am looking forward to seeing what entries we have to be the face of this feature moving forward.

In addition, shortly after the December selection is published I will be producing the final, end of 2021 selection…one photo from each month! Always the most difficult to do but I love seeing the finished post.

As mentioned last month, I can no longer link photos marked as moderate on Flickr directly into the blog. Which sucks, there is a workaround which I have done for a couple of photos but as a general rule only safe photos will be able to shown in the selection moving forward. Which is kind of sad cos many of the great photos I see in the group aren’t strictly safe photos and we know we all have to be careful not to enrage the Flickr Gods when uploading our photos there. I will continue to use the workaround for any that I think the list cannot be complete without!

Anyways, another amazing month with tons of creative and talented photographers appearing on the list, many for the first time, or the first time in a long while.

Here is the November 2020 selection:

untitled by Ella Pavlona


Go with the breeze by Melony Parker

Go with the breeze

Side by side, or miles apart, … by Danna

Side by side, or miles apart, will always be connected by the heart.

113 Have to Himself by kanatan Abramovic

113. Have to himself.

I want you by Ange

I want you...

285 by Dolce Kira

If I could call you half mine by Sheila Breen

If I could call you half mine

Farewell to Autumn by Clarrissa D

Farewell to  Autumn

Autumnal Journey  by Any Moonwall

"Autumnal journey"

untitled by Jess Salty

Welcome to Level 11 by Eisley Vtec

Welcome to Level 11

Everyday Life by Samanda Eddingham

Everyday Life

untitled by Lan


Thinking about your lips… by Ameya Moon

Thinking about your lips and the way they kiss...

Spotlight on the Kinky Event by Blog IMMORTAL

Spotlight on The Kinky Event - Alyx

Naminoke_Skeleton Leaves by Ruby O’Kelly

Naminoke_Skeleton Leaves

Take a break by Amberly

Take a break

724 by Aurica Ghost

Moroccan by Cockaigne


Dragon Lady by Yana Nightwish

✞Dragon Lady✞

Burn your weakness by BlazeAme

Burn your weakness and leave no witnesses

Chestnut Stack by Magician XIII

Chestnut Snack

Infinite Galaxies by Gossamerstar

Infinite galaxies

a warm fuzzy sunset by Num Bing-Howlett

it’s time for home… by Hara

It's time for home / BACK

untitled by Astrellita

My list by Tresore Prada Hawkins

My list

Dark Crow by Ginx Lux

Dark Crow

heat by Diconay Boa

You never know… by Sorcha Tyles

Do you believe in magic… by Morgaine Blackrain

Do You Believe In Magic?

0775 by Naomilie

[ Re] born 0775 / 2020

Red by Kurimu Kuma


Alice by Jay


Here for you by Ric Applewhyte

Morning Selfie by Christian 2221

You will always find love… by Teej

You will always find love and care close to you...sometime we just need to look around.

310 by Feralias Lesanar

snow flurries begin to fall… by Kimmy Ridley

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”― Sarah Addison Allen

The choices we made by A Frith

499 by yaya marquez

Power by Annan Adored


untitled by Talija


untitled by Kirca

Makeba by Anuska Loon


Therefor I am by Rina Edenflower

When in doubt, wear red by UMA

bed of roses by Ni Avril

Way Home by Be Pur Pur

Purification by Hye Min

.561. .Désobéissance. by Catherine Nikolaidis

.561. .Désobéissance.

Do you think of me in colour? by Alexia Lupino

Do you think of me in colour?

Second Life Gives One by Nikki Heron

Seek Truth by Ruby Riotz

Seek Truth

20201122 by banana lecker


in the dark night…. by Alison

Ain’t water under the bridge by Luna Morineaux-Song

Ain't water under the bridge

untitled by Aradhelia Diavolo

1472 by Liah’s Wardrobe


Goodbye to Hell by Ara Voxel

Blue Skies by Anais Cristole

Blue Skies..

Pendulum XIV by Astrellita

Mnoy by kakaw denimore


City Dragons by Pinki Crystal

City Dragons

The Night We Met by Taliah Hayes

Hot drinks and late Autumn breeze by Shocking Wonder

Hot drinks and late Autumn breeze

untitled by Sofie Janic


untitled by Moth Aurelia

Phantom of the Opera by Coqueta Georgia

Enchantment Present: Phantom of the Opera- Contest Entry

Gravé dans la roche by Anuska Loon

Gravé dans la roche

今月の尻語り by Marino Sandalwood


Everything by Itsa me… Maria

I remained too much… by Charlie Namiboo

[I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind … ♪♫]

892 by Candynette Metaluna

They said she’s just a dream…. by Kayotica

They said she's just a dream

Wannabe by Sorcha Tyles

We only get one life by Serenaelia Villiers

We Only Get One Life

Ewa by Ewa Bloodrose


pause by Cataleya

.   p a u s e   [ II ]   .

Ah-Dorkable by Kitty Catness

ᴀʜ-ᴅᴏʀᴋᴀʙʟᴇ :

Blueberry by Isabella Brune

Blueberry ♥

Fever by Morgaine Blackrain


1599 by lindalindaein Mayo


Yeah, if I wanted to…by Sylvia Olivier

Yeah, if I wanted to... I'd be alright

painting pictures with my mind by Claudia Orsini

painting pictures with my mind.

Lily’s Diary 151 by Lily

Lily's Diary ♥ 151

Hot Nights by The Hendes

Hot nights....

lay in bed with you… by viv

Femstyle 57 by Edumetal Lavarock

untitled by karen


untitled by Ella Pavlona


I kissed your sister… by Kayotica

I kissed your sister last night it ain't my fault I guess your sisters my type

want meet me? come to hell by IMO

want meet me ? come to hell

Lady of the Lake by Kelsey Yuitza

Lady of the Lake

Just the ekind of things I like by Emily

Wasabi by Mira


Autumn Walk by SpajkiE HankS

♥New Post♥ Autumn Walk

brina sneakers by Savannah Mohegan

brina sneakers by luas.

Justified in the way… by Sonic

Jυѕтιƒιє∂ ιη тнє ωαу уσυ мαкє мє вяυιѕє...

842 by Svetlana Ihnen


Until this day by Alicia Rozales

A few of my favourite things by Phen

a few of my favourite things

blah blah blah by Diconay Boa

blah blah bah.

Together Forever by EXIS

Together Forever

Drowning by Quistis Shippe

♥ Drowning

Friends are sunshine on a rainy day by Emelia Faye

Friends are sunshine on a rainy day.

788 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +788

Fall by Tralala Loordes


Looking at you looking at me by Bambi

Looking at you looking at me

outsider by Catherine Nikolaidis

.550. .outsider.

When you say nothing at all by Mya Audebarn

"When You Say Nothing At All..."

Amazing Grace by tarja haven

Amazing Grace

We can change the world… by Wicca Merlin

“We can change the world if we change ourselves...”

Sweetypie by Joh Collins

~Client: Sweetypie

Snow Flower and the Secret Farn by Val xox

Inhuman by Annika Velde

265 by Dolce Kira

L㊉㊉Ҟ✿ 265

Beauty Review by REHAM

#Closeup Beauty Review

autumn shows us how… by Aria Christen

1150 - autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go

There are so few of us by Anaya Twine

There are so few of us

The Spy who couldn’t by Taylor Wassep

The Spy Who Couldn't

Your Light by Charlie’s Rain

Your Light

M R. S L E E P S by Rose Hefner

M R. S L E E P S

1345 by Aisha Convair

✫ Look 1345 ✫

Introspective by Anne


Pretty Guardian by Ecstacy Puddles

Pretty Guardian

Pink by Tralala Loordes


Todas las Flores by Rachel Deveraux

Todas las Flores

Dark Hearts by Noel Heartsong

Dark Hearts 💜

Breaking Rules by Nuria Niven

#405 Breaking rules

What do you care… by Coralile

What do you care...'bout what other people think

untitled by Ni Avril


Calm in the soul by Anais Cristole

Calm in the Soul

Blank by Hye Min

Don’t leave me Autumn by Serina

:: DON'T LEAVE ME AUTUMN :: 離れないで秋

Age hasn’t slowed you down…. by Eripom Moonwall

"Age Hasn't slowed you down one bit" - R2 Sou Preview

Blinded by the Silence by Elena

Blinded by the silence..

Winter Willow by Love Trill

Winter Willow

I’m turning tricks… by UMA

I'm turning tricks, I'm getting fixed...

Unbreakable by Claudia Orsini

Never alone by Vivien DeLancoure

Doll by Kynne Llewellyn


Feed my Fascination by Bambi

Feed my fascination

Time doesn’t always heal… by Teej

Time doesn't always heal...sometime you have to intentionally process hurt

If the world is ending, … by a pretty kitty

Immortal by Yana Nightwish


on the floor til… by 🌸

Quiet time with my kiki by Lila Yheng

Quiet Time with my Kiki ♥

What if everything in the world… by Kimmy Ridley

“What if everything in the world were a misunderstanding, what if laughter were really tears?”― Soren Kierkegaard

Her little magical pots of happiness by Jaqcuis Encargues

Her little magical pots of happiness

1183 by Bree Coy

Look 1183♥

You don’t own me by Varosh Santanamiguel

You don't own me

Trick or Treat?… by (Blogger)

Trick or Treat?... Ni ♥

Bloody Cat by Elocuencia

Bloody Cat

Game over by Suse68

Game over

Golden by Tarja Haven


Calabria’s Hell by Anuska Loon


Bury all my skeletons by Rowan Elise

Bury all my skeletons.

Rebecca by Aleksandra RomanovA


new selfie by Altura Andromeda

Harbinger of Hell by LISA

Harbinger of hell

for beautiful eyes by emily

7 thoughts on “SL Calendar Girls – November 2020

  1. Good evening Kess ♡

    Thank you so much for adding my pictures into this amazingly talent group of people. I am always so humbled. I love the work you put together. Have a great weekend



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