In The Bleak Midwinter

I went through a period of years when I didn’t look forward to the Christmas holidays, but not anymore! As many of you know my first Grandchild was born in September and even though he won’t be aware of much that is going on I simply cannot wait for his first Christmas. What’s even better is that both my adult daughters, their partners, and my grandson will be at my house for Christmas Day!

In Second Life I am also looking forward to the festivities and have lots of plans to make with Mr Smith and my growing SL family.  I am fairly confident I can get him into a Santa suit for family Christmas Dinner day too! After all, I got him into a tutu for Tilly’s dance club last night so I feel there’s a good chance! Watch this space, there will be photos.


*HISA – Pine View Cabin

*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Kitchen Towel LI: 1 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Plate Rack /Festive LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Tea Kettle Stand w/Print LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Potted Tree LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Tea Set Stack /Festive LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg.. Cosy Gathering Tall Chair w/Throw LI: 7 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Table LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom9

*Nutmeg.  Easeful Chamber Rug / 1 Bonus LI: 4 **NEW** at Mainstore
*Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Croissants / 1 LI: 3 **NEW** at Mainstore
*Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Tea Cup **NEW** at Mainstore
*Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Chest LI: 2 **NEW** at Mainstore

*..::THOR::.. Scandinavian Armchair Canvas – PG LI: 6 **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Handmade Ottoman – Canvas LI: 4 **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Cookies Tin Box – bonus LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Milk & Cookies Tray LI: 5 **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Scandinavian House Lantern LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Scandinavian Books – bonus LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom9

*.spruce. frosty days cocoa tray **NEW** at Tannenbaum
*.spruce. balsa wick candles {warm vanilla} **NEW** at Tannenbaum
*.spruce. balsa wick candles {berry peppermint} **NEW** at Tannenbaum
*.spruce. balsa wick candles {sweater weather} **NEW** at Tannenbaum

Apple Fall Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study LI: 1
Apple Fall Woodland Deer – Ceramic LI: 1
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study LI: 2

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Accent Stool w/Packages LI: 4
*Nutmeg. Holiday Clutter Books LI: 4

*15 Fancy Decor: Arrow Curtains LI: 2

*hive // noel tin train LI: 1

*KraftWork Kess Corner Unit & Clutter . Corner Unit White LI: 12

*{moss&mink} Fall Centrepiece A LI: 3

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