I Should Cocoa!


Snapshot_006It’s another busy weekend in real life for me with family events and functions when all I really want to do is curl up in front of my SL fire and enjoy the winter season in Second Life. I am so much more of an autumn and winter person in both lives it’s untrue. I like nothing better than layering up, lighting some candles and a fire and relaxing in a snug, warm, cozy home.


I suspect that ones attitude to the seasons is based on subconcious memories and if you’re best memories of childhood are ones of summer days on beaches, or family bbq’s then you are more likely to enjoy the hot seasons. I can’t particularly recall more good or bad memories from the colder months but I do remember Guy Fawkes nights being a highlight which hot tomato soup in a mug while watching a bonfire burn bright close by.

As a child the winter months have a certain magic and mystique about them as you near the Festive season. I did so many things differently for my children than I experienced myself. My children are grown up now but there is nothing on this earth like the wide-eyed wonder of a small child on Christmas night as you put them to the bed with stories of how Santa will visit as long as they are asleep. We would put out a carrot for Rudolph, and a mince pie and a shot of whisky for Santa to keep him warm and fed for his trip across the Atlantic. Once they were asleep we’d use talcum powder on the floor to put ‘snow’ type footprints on the floor of their bedrooms leading to the end of the bed where a sackful of gifts would appear for the morning. I think I was as heartbroken as them when they no longer ‘believed’.


There’s plenty of opportunity to relive those days of Christmas past at Tannenbaum which is running now until Christmas Day and has everything you need to make your festive home feel special this season.


dust bunny  –  camellia stool, sofa and chair

PILOT – Festive Moose Antlers [Red/Green] **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

cinphul // balmy [bouquet] **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

{anc} flottante puppies

[ zerkalo ] All White – Basket

Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (brown) (resized…pls note resizing mesh increases the Li) **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

– Kalopsia – Santa’s Bag of Coal **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

!Ohmai : Hot Cocoa **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

cinphul // balmy [baked goods] **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

cinphul // balmy [parcel] **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

[Brixley] naughty list sign **NEW** at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Serenity Style-Unusual set WHITE **NEW** at ON9

Serenity Style-Unusual cushions WHITE **NEW** at ON9

cinphul // Gotrik wreath **NEW** at Lost & Found 


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