Castle on the Hill

A couple of days ago I posted The Orangery which was a close up shot of the decor on the veranda/deck of this house buuuuut it’s such a gorgeous house and deck it needed it’s very own post! The decking that you can see is a modular set so you can build it to suit your own style or requirements and would work equally well with any house as it does with the houses from DaD Virtual Living.

Ok, this is a short post – I’m still recovering from watching the England match. Onwards for the 3 Lions into the semi-finals!


*DaD “Hampton Cottage” **NEW** at Uber

*DaD “Hamptons Modular Deck Set **NEW** at Uber

*Freeman Day Bed by Galland Homes **NEW** for Go by FaMESHed

Little Branch – OrangeTree v2 {Animated} 4 Seasons

KIDD LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Circular Bush * CopyMod

Other decor credits in a previous post here.

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