Calm My Dreams

Do you dream in colour or black and white? Do you even remember your dreams? I do very occasionally remember them but not very often. I had a series of nightmares recently and I remembered all of them but I don’t often remember good dreams which is kinda sad I guess. I know I dream in colour though. I had a dream once where I was in a corridor with a lot of rooms off to the side. Each was decorated in exactly the same way but a different colour scheme…and the wallpaper was a 70’s style that I am pretty sure my Grandmother had in her house for some time. Each room was either bright blue, or bright orange or yellow. With that same damn wallpaper. I don’t recall any specific mono dreams so maybe I only dream in colour. I also have no idea what the dreams, or nightmares, meant.


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Apple Fall Original: Swan Study

Soy. Vintage lace curtain C-type (white)

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