Boardin Now on Platform 4

Does blogging work? I believe so for a number of reasons. Firstly I buy a lot of stuff because I’ve seen it in a photo or on a blog. This skateboard with poses, for example, I knew of and bought solely because I saw Keely’s post featuring it. She had done an amazing job of showcasing it and I wanted to see it for myself. That, in turn, led me to TP to Cosmopolitan and buy it and while I was there I had a look around and bought a couple of other items. All from seeing one photo.  As an aside, you often hear designers say they don’t send blogger packs because their items are never blogged by an event team…my argument has always been that everyone benefits from the work of bloggers for the reason above…I went and shopped an event I hadn’t planned to go to because of one item blogged by one blogger.
I do get told quite often, and it’s still one of the biggest buzzes you get as a blogger, that people have purchased items because of my photos – usually my decor ones.  I even once had someone send me a screenshot of an exact replica of one of my scenes they did for their home.  Some ten plus stores had purchases directly attributable to the work I’d done as a blogger…only three of them were ones that I blogged for but that’s the joy of it. Everyone benefits in cases like those. The purchaser didn’t care that I had been given x, y and z to promote. They liked everything in the photo.
I guess the difficulty is that those are specific examples that I know of and most of what we do as bloggers isn’t as tangible as that. We know we get views, we know how much traffic we get to our blogs and we know how many slurls are clicked from our credits on our blogs. We don’t know how many people actually go and buy the items.
Anyway, less of my rambling. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and yeah, go buy the stuffs!!!


Head – Lelutka – Bianca

Skin – Glam Affair

Shape – My Own

Eyes – Suicidal Unborn

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – TRUTH / JoJo

Tattoo – Carol G – Mystic **NEW** at Vanity Event

*Dress – [Cynful] Ana’s Dress **NEW** at Collabor88


Pose – [ west end ] Bento Poses – RAD – Skateboard – Style 1 **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

Location – Nightfall

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