My last blog post started with the line “2019 has not been a good year for me so far and this week, has been one of the worst.” Well, this week wasn’t done with me yet apparently as later that day my Grandmother passed away.

Some of you, who know roughly how old I am in real life are probably thinking “bloody hell, how old must her Grandmother have been????” The answer is 98. That side of the family is blessed with longevity. It’s a good run but the last few years had been hard as she became frailer and dementia set in. The last time I saw my Grandmother I accepted I was saying goodbye…certainly to a “conscious” grandmother.

No matter how expected the news still hit me hard. I am struggling. I am sad she died in hospital after a fall at her care home…the absolute last place in the world she would have wanted to die. I am sad that my father didn’t make it up there in time to be with her. Mostly I am sad that my role model for being strong, independent, loving others and loving life is gone.

I could talk for hours about her strength. Widowed at 36 with 2 children in post-war London, how she worked 3 jobs and still brought up her children. Her stories of the war…cooking tips when I was first married and money was tight…”this is how we did it with rations!” she’d say. It isn’t quite as bad as that I’d tell her…I don’t need to know how to make some powdered egg and a half pint a milk last 2 weeks! How she supported my Dad and me and my sister when my Mum was sick with cancer and how she held us together when she died.

I wish I were even a fraction of the incredible lady she was but her legacy will be inspiring me to keep trying.


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14 thoughts on “Lady

  1. Beautifully written, Kess. My heart aches for you…but I am so grateful you have the love and support of friends…and the memories of such a strong and resilient woman…to sustain you. Much love, my friend. ♥


  2. dear kess, your thoughts are so private, so intensive and careful, that i have tears in my deepest condolence for you and your family.
    my grandma is 87 and a loving woman. i know, some day she will die tho, but i couldnt imagine to live without her.
    i wish you strenght, hope and love, to keep all your left thoughts with you. be strong, keep her in your heart and always listen to her sweet voice, when she calls your name, as it will stay in your heart forever.


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