Take Your Brains to Another Dimension

Mr M asked me the other day if I had or spoken to someone from my past who I had broken off contact with about a year ago. This started us on a conversation about detachment. It takes a hella long time to push me to the point where I want to detach completely from people that I have been close to but, once I’m done, I’m perma-done. I could walk past them in the street and it be like I never knew who they were before. I won’t feel bad about it either. I’m not sure if it’s something that has become more pronounced with age for me, I just don’t have that time for people’s bullshit anymore. I’d rather withdraw myself and detach. I probably am colder now than I was twenty years ago but back then I was that person that never gave up on people. I always tried to see the best or the silver lining even if it hurt me to do so. Not any more. I have a super small group of people that is as tight as a 60-a-day smokers chest, and I like it that way.

I may not be one to experiment with friendships but I have found myself becoming more adventurous with photography and editing of late. Not just that but in the styling of my avie…attempting looks I never would have a couple of months ago. It’s all part of the work I’ve been doing to get myself out of my blogging and photography rut and I think it’s working.

The look in the photo is inspired by the Dead Doll release for Uber and is completely built around the dress. I was lucky to see that CyberPunk Event by Flair for Events was still up until the end of the month and went on a wild sci-fi shopping spree!

As always the full list of the items used and where you can get them are listed below in the credits.


*Head – LeLutka – EVO X  Avalon

*Skin   – Glam Affair  –  Rose **NEW** at Uber

*Lipstick – Glam Affair – Orchid Lipstick – EvoX 0.04

Face Glitter – [Heaux] EvoX Face Glitz – Lilac

Ear Glitter – [Heaux] EvoX Ear Glitz – Aqua

*Eyes – {minuit} Midori Eyes [yellow] **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

*Hairbase – Tableau Vivant – leLutka EvoX Hairbase 11 **NEW** at Uber

*Hair – Tableau Vivant – Alizeh Add-On **NEW** at Uber

*Nose Piercings – Rainbow Sundae Ella Piercings Nose Chain and Septum Ring **NEW**  for Evolve Event

Visor – Mea Tenebra – Expanse **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

Tattoo – Germinal – Encrypted Feedback

Armbands – Carpe Noctem. “Heart Inject” Arm **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

Outfit – Dead Doll – Plastique Collar, Dress and Panties **NEW** at Uber

Pose – Kokoro – Cyber **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

.PALETO. Backdrop:. HIGH BASE  **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

solares >> Hover Speaker [Yellow] **NEW** at CyberPunk Fair

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