Another Monkey Off My Back

So much change in one week! All of it for the good. 2 months ago I wouldn't have posted this blog. I wouldn't have been 'allowed' to because it contains lingerie photos. I love lingerie, I love how my avatar looks in lingerie, but I couldn't share that love because of someone else's insecurities. At [...]

Mainstore Monday – C’est La Vie and Astralia

  I cannot believe another Monday is here and almost gone in the UK! Every Monday I visit two mainstores as part of my Mainstore Monday feature. I implore other bloggers to try this out. Not only do you find some awesome items, places for photographs but you may just find a store that you [...]

Mainstore Monday – unKindness & 7mad;Ravens

  So I am cheating a little with Mainstore Monday today because it's two very closely related (literally!) stores on the same sim! This is the scene that greets you when you arrive at the unKindness & 7mad;Ravens newly decorated sim. I adore stores that make shopping at their stores an experience and that's exactly [...]

Americanos! Blue Jeans and Chinos!

Whenever it comes to titling a blog post song titles are often the first thing I think of. It's probably because music is such a huge part of my life. I have always been an avid music listener. I was brought up in the 70's with parents who listened a lot to what I considered [...]

The Kindness of Strangers who become Someday Friends

The Kindness of Strangers who become Someday Friends

The post today is going to be a mix...covering fashion, sailing, exploration, community and friendship. I have experienced all of these at Someday. I found Someday by chance, while sailing, in the Blake Sea and instantly fell in love. The sim was actually in the process of being built at the time and I got [...]

What Makes you Want to Blog … and What Doesn’t?

There has been an insightful and interesting debate taking place on Second Life Blogger Support regarding Quality v Quantity of Blogger Posts. If you're a blogger the SLBS website is a wonderful and inspiring resource for the blogging community. This post from Canary Beck ( provoked an outpouring of comments regarding the subject. As a [...]

Can you believe in Karma AND Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I've always believed that what goes around comes around and during my lifetime have seen many cases that I believed were the universes way of re-dressing the balance. I believe that if you are a good person and lead your life as well as you can, not doing harm to others unless you can absolutely [...]